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Frontenac Outfitters Fall Sale

From now until Sept. 11th we’re offering exceptional deals on all remaining in-stock canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddleboards. Our certified instructors will be on hand to custom fit you to your perfect boat or board, and with gear credits and discounts available,  there might not be a better time to buy!


Frontenac Outfitters Fall Sale

The Frontenac Outfitters Fall Sale has begun! If you’re looking to save on the purchase of a Canoe, Kayak, or Stand Up Paddleboard,  there’s exceptional deals on all remaining in-stock products! From high-end, performance touring kayaks, to versatile light touring & touring models, to recreational crafts and functional canoes, there has never been a better time to buy than now! Frontenac Outfitters Fall SaleWe’ve got a little something for everybody, but quantities are limited! The sale ends Sunday, September 11th, so don’t miss your boat or board – arrive early and get first dibs! Here are some of the details you need to know about Frontenac Outfitters Fall Sale:

  • In-Store Gear Credits – Up to $600 in free paddling accessories – Value dependent on make, model, and layup
  • Discounted Pricing – Up to $1200 off on new & used products – Savings vary depending on make, model, and layup
  • Free Test Paddling – The best way to tell if a boat or board is right for you is to ‘try before you buy’
  • Expert Advice & Guidance – Receive a customized kayak fitting during test paddling, get free tips on proper paddling techniques, and learn how to safely tie-down & transport your boat
  • Gear Coupons – Boat buyers receive a coupon for 15% off any Level Six gear item (purchased direct through Level Six) 

Frontenac Outfitters Fall SaleStaying the Course

Despite our kayaking courses being finished for the season, all paddlers know that it’s never a bad idea to plan ahead! If you’re interested in taking your skills to the next level, keep an eye out for 2017 course dates posted to the website in the off-season. Our courses fill fast, so once the new dates are online, book your spot ahead of time! Follow the links to below to learn more about our most popular courses: Half-Day Getting Started Kayaking Full-Day Intro to Sea Kayaking

Hold the Boat!

With no more shipments scheduled for the remainder of the season, inventory is sure to go quick, and once it’s gone, it’s gone! But what if I can’t make it to the sale right away, you say? Contact Us today to place a deposit on a boat or board of your preference, and we’ll hold it until you’re able to make the trip out to visit us! Please note purchases are to be paid in full by Sept. 20th/2016.

Fall Sale Door Crashers

For the full details on Frontenac Outfitters Fall Sale, check out our Newsletter!

Give Father Time the Boot

H2O Canoe Company offers paddlers incredibly light boats that are super tough too! The Innegra/Basalt layup provides weights as low as 35 lbs, but there’s no loss to durability or performance. The Ultralight Helium Layup provides stiffness for exceptional glide, and the Premium Kevlar build has aesthetic beauty recognized by canoeist of all skill levels!

  • Solo 16/6 (Innegra/Basalt – 36 lbs) – MSRP of $3495 – includes five finger hand grips, float tank hatch covers, & skid plates – $275 value
  • Canadian 16/6 (Ultralight Helium – 43 lbs) – MSRP of $3395 – includes five finger hand grips, kneeling thwart, & float tank hatch covers – $250 value
  • Prospector 16/4 (Premium Kevlar – 46 lbs) – MSRP of $2895 – includes two-tone colour, five finger hand grips, kneeling thwart, & float tank hatch covers – $450 value

Get Hooked on Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing has exploded in North America, and we’ve seen the increase first hand! Only one fishing kayak remain in stock: the Pescador Pro 12.0. A great choice for those getting started with kayaking fishing or recreational paddlers

  • Perception Kayaks Pescador Pro 12.0 (polyethylene – 64 lbs)  
  • MSRP of $979
  • Receive $100 gear credit 
  • Includes two flush mount rod holders and two rail mounts for additional accessories
Frontenac Outfitters Fall Sale

Stand Up Paddleboards

If you’re looking for an easy paddling board for flat-water or a value-priced entry-level board, look no further! We have a few touring boards left from Level Six and Tuga SUP as well as the Jetty 9′ from Perception that’s great for kids or petite paddlers! 

  • Eleven Six Touring (Displacement/Touring Hull – 31 lbs) – MSRP of $1599 / Sale $1199 – includes SUP Sock and Board Leash – $200 value – Save $500
  • Twelve Six Touring (Displacement/Touring Hull – 33 lbs) – MSRP of $1599 / Sale $1199 – includes SUP Sock and Board Leash – $200 value – Save $500
  • La Turista 12’6″ (Displacement/Touring Hull – 28 lbs) MSRP of $1845 / Sale $1695  – Save $150 
  • Jetty 9′ (Planing Hull – 18 lbs) MSRP of $589 / Sale $449 – includes SUP Leash and Adjustable Paddle- $150 Value – Save $290

Rental Kayaks For Sale

A few of our rental kayaks remain including the Wilderness Systems Zephyr 160 and Zephyr 155, a playful sea kayak for inspiring paddlers! As well as the Baffin Series of kayaks from Boreal Design, a responsive boat that rewards paddlers striving for skills development! 

  • Boreal Design P1 – Polyethylene Construction (65 lbs) – MSRP of $1899 / Sale Price of $1299 – Save $600
  • Boreal Design P2 – Polyethylene Construction (67 lbs) – MSRP of $1899 / Sale Price of $1299 – Save $600
  • Boreal Design P3 – Polyethylene Construction (69 lbs) – MSRP of $1899 / Sale Price of $1299 – Save $600
  • All rental kayaks include quick-release self-rescue straps for ease of solo wet entries – $60 value 

Rental Canoes For Sale

With only a few remaining, our rental canoes are a great choice for those looking to get a high-quality boat at an exceptionally low price! Yet to be spoken for are the Canadian 16/6 and Pathfinder 16 in H2O’s Great White North construction. Built with strength in mind, these canoes utilize a robust combination of fabrics, outer and inner layers of gel-coat, and aluminum / ash outfitting to help keep moderate weights

  • Pathfinder 16 – 56 lbs – includes float tank hatch covers and skid plates 
  • MSRP of $2920 – Sale Price of $1895 – Save $1025

Get Buff, Make it Tough!

Despite the heavier weights, polyethylene kayaks are known for their toughness against impacts. This makes them a great choice for those looking for a cottage boat with the whole family or guests in mind.  Given poly kayaks are the easiest to produce, they are also the least expensive on the market making them a preferred option for those just getting started.   

  • Wilderness Systems Tsunami 120 – MSRP of $1219 / Sale Price of $979 – Save $244
  • Dagger Kayaks Stratos 14.5L & Stratos 14.5S – MSRP of $1419 / Sale Price $1169Save $250
  • Wilderness Systems Tempest 170 – MSRP of $1929 / Sale Price $1499Save $430
  • Boreal Design P1, P2, & P3 – MSRP of $1899 / Sale Price $1499Save $400 

Offers are available on in-stock items only until Sept. 11th/2016 and are in limited quantities.

Contact Us today to secure your SUP, Canoe, or Kayak or with any questions you may have!


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